• Finding rest through the hard and harder

    Some people say, “The hard times help you appreciate the good.”  I couldn’t disagree more.

    There will always be hard times.  You can truly learn to be grateful every day for all you have, without hardship as an excuse.  The good and bad don’t exist as a contingency.

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  • What I Learned From Being Bed Ridden

    In January I read 6 books because I had the time.  It was the hardest month of my life, and I am glad it’s over.  I sprained an ankle and while that seems an easy enough deal, I have yet to drive a car- 4 weeks later.

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  • I Am A Rambling Whoa-man

    Memories Are Now Definitions?

    I recently read The Art and Magic of Tidying Up, which teaches you how to arrange your personal systems so you are always organized, without having to spend laborious amounts of time/energy to keep it up.  She advertises that every single one of her clients have never gone back.  For me, the methodologies presented in the book certainly changed the way I think and live, filling in a few understanding gaps I had in arranging my personal systems.

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  • Know Thyself

    Knowing thyself comes in layers and waves.

    There are two aspects covered.  They are easy to miss, hard to figure out and vital to an authentic relationship with self and others.

    Part One: coming to terms with your mistakes + being at peace with your quirks. Being able to do the same in regard to others.

    Part Two: We use definitions as ties to “self,” even if they’re just words or no longer align. In valuing inauthentic presentation, we get in the way of our raw, relatable humanness.

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