• Favorite Album From 2013

    In 2013 I was still catching up on all the music I’d missed from 2012 (i.e. Lord Huron) and drowning in the new to me bands reminiscent of Carissa’s Wierd (i.e. Kind of Like Spitting) and Pinback (i.e. Say Hi [To Your Mom]). It was a full year of Spotify and free of illegal downloading. Lucky for me I have hard drives of the stuff Spotify doesn’t have.

    It was the year of the playlist, as I’d venture off into the woods alone with only music (and audiobooks) as my company.

    2013 was the year I finally saw Sigur Ros live. Post Heima, I would have thought it impossible. I would have also thought my disappointment in them live impossible. After coming out two hours late with no “real” opener (I’d been an hour early), I was already on my last nerve. Not even they could redeem their disregard.

    With all that said, I leave you with my favorite album of the year.
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  • Now That I’m Old

    I recently had a birthday. I am not much affected by birthdays, until I have to put my age in the machine at the gym. Then, I have a mild heart attack.

    For me, birthdays mark the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. This year, I am currently spending my time cooking a lot, reading a ton of recipe books and planning a garden.
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  • I Breathe Mountains

    Summer 2013, I was living the good life in Denver. With no non-work obligations and few friends, I spent every chance I had hiking. I visited Aspen, Breck, Frisco, Steamboat, Telluride, Rocky Mountain National Park and Colo Springs.

    My favorite hikes were: Chicago Lakes, ECCLES PASS (in July!!), Buckskin Pass

    My favorite “local” hike: Chimney Gulch in Golden

    And then come the 14ers.
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  • Books Read In 2013

    I had a goal for 2013 to read a book a week. Did I do it? Well… not quite. In fact, at 36 books, I fell quite short. HOWEVER, despite my shortcomings, I am not disappointed. Not in the slightest. For the first time in my life, I have a record of the books I read in a year. And this learned “recording” is now a sustainable habit.
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  • The Personal Blog of Erin Elisse



    The Sprouting Mind originated in January 2010 as a vegan blog, where I reviewed books like Omnivore’s Dilemma and The China Study, created playlists, posted personal recipes and wrote about what it was like to be vegan. The blog started off as a New Year’s Resolution (write everyday), and lasted about 6 months.
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