• Andrew and Erin Mosko

    The Day I Became A Moskovitz – pt. 2

    Wedding Day: The Reception

    By the time we got to the reception, the ceremony guests were still arriving.  We took photos at the Photobooth Kerri coordinated and set up (which was amazing) and were able to enjoy cocktail hour with everyone.  

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  • erin-and-andrew-moskovitz

    The Day I Became A Moskovitz – P. 1

    Wedding Day: The Ceremony

    Weddings are HARD.  There is so much emotional hype – planning, pushing, stretching.  If I were to do it all over again, I know we’d choose to elope right from the very get-go.  All this being said, our wedding was amazing and the best day of my life.

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  • I See In Chillwave

    A writerly short written summer 2014

    I walk down the street not thinking much, but incredibly content.  It’s rainy and cold.  My glasses are covered with water droplets and fogging up.  I take them off.  “Road Work Ahead” reads ablur.

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  • Finding rest through the hard and harder

    Some people say, “The hard times help you appreciate the good.”  I couldn’t disagree more.

    There will always be hard times.  You can truly learn to be grateful every day for all you have, without hardship as an excuse.  The good and bad don’t exist as a contingency.

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  • Springtime Synopsis

    May = cold rain and unpredictable weather in Denver.  On a day like today, when the skies are dropping hail and the day is best for reading, I find that pre-established sentiment to remain consistent.  Having come from Florida, I missed the seasons that guide the natural ebb and flow of moods and activities.  Being privy to seasons now, and understanding my own lack of control over the weather and the way of things in general, I find myself more at peace and forgiving than ever of all I cannot control.  Grateful even for the things that don’t kill and only make us stronger.

    In this post, my only real intention is to talk about my season and what’s going on, so I can look back and remember this otherwise hardly documented time.

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  • Getting Into Feminism

    This is my introduction to feminism. It started when I read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book, “Half of a Yellow Sun,” which really resonated with me. I’d previously never taken an interest in feminism due to its reputation and my personality. The book helped me see how my goals were off for years. I accepted a lot more than I should have just due to my gender. My personal empowerment was being diminished by belief that “being beyond reproach” was the best goal/mode possible.

    Being beyond reproach means, suck it up, do what you should, not what you feel. How I came to this conclusion in terms of actions and experiences is one story, but there’s another side which lead me there. And it came in the form of books.

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  • The Value of Stability

    The new year is my most sentimental time of year.  And for a fairly sentimental person (some may scoff at “fairly”), that’s a whole lot of sentiment.

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  • Now That I’m Old

    I recently had a birthday. I am not much affected by birthdays, until I have to put my age in the machine at the gym. Then, I have a mild heart attack.

    For me, birthdays mark the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. This year, I am currently spending my time cooking a lot, reading a ton of recipe books and planning a garden.
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