• Books Read & Recommendations

    In 2018 a set my personal record for a whopping 72 books. Here’s what a read, what I didn’t read, recommendations and the few I read in 2017.

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  • I’m writing a book. There is no moral story. Just nuances of belief.

    “Erin Elisse uses big picture thinking to reach today’s mindsets.”
    “Sprouting Mind- A deliberate living blog.”
    Erin Elisse relaunch- “Big picture marketing.”
    I use this “big picture” phrase and now I’ve noticed it’s becoming a buzzword.  For me, big picture means deliberate and goal oriented.  I practice it in my work, my personal life and of course, write about it in my book.

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  • How One Man Creates Space In A Corporate World

    Words Overheard

    I’m a homebody by default, but love going out and having (or overhearing) good conversations wherever I am.  In the past, when I’d go out alone, my openness to whatever came led me to some very interesting ideas and thoughts that influence me for days and even years on end because they were based off personally had experiences my mind actively deconstructed and sorted.  Often, the conversations, thoughts or observations I make turn into a shaping that I then incorporate into my book.

    Lately, I’ve attended a number of holiday events as an undercover marketing/writing caterer. That’s how it feels anyway.  I’m a marketing professional who gets this pretty unsolicited insight into professionals’ homes, lives, businesses, opinions and ideas as “the help.”

    While there are many fantastically “interesting” overheard conversations, there is one I’d like to share.
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  • Books Read In 2013

    I had a goal for 2013 to read a book a week. Did I do it? Well… not quite. In fact, at 36 books, I fell quite short. HOWEVER, despite my shortcomings, I am not disappointed. Not in the slightest. For the first time in my life, I have a record of the books I read in a year. And this learned “recording” is now a sustainable habit.
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