• I Am A Rambling Whoa-man

    Memories Are Now Definitions?

    I recently read The Art and Magic of Tidying Up, which teaches you how to arrange your personal systems so you are always organized, without having to spend laborious amounts of time/energy to keep it up.  She advertises that every single one of her clients have never gone back.  For me, the methodologies presented in the book certainly changed the way I think and live, filling in a few understanding gaps I had in arranging my personal systems.

    Great book, but this blog post is more about something she mentioned than the book itself.   Read more

  • Creating Space In A Facebook World

    I was going to write an article on how obsessed we are with having an opinion. How the “unknowing” opinion/judgment mentality creates a false sense of control, awareness and empowerment.

    Instead I am talking about the need to create space living in a tech world. Because I am a tech girl.

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