• Georgia – The Country

    When we told people we were going to Georgia, they didn’t get our excitement.  “Are you going to Savannah?” was just one question that followed suit.  We’d follow with “The country.” And, a question “Do you know where it is?”  Some people said “Yes.”  In the event a person said yes, my probing self would ask, “Where?”  In which case, we lost at least 50% of the yesses.

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  • Adventures of Andrew & Erin Mosko


    Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. To drive there, you’d have to go through Chile. It’s a departure place for a number of Antarctic cruises. There is amazing shellfish. And of course, there are penguins.
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  • andrew and erin mosko

    El Calafate, Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine

    I planned the trip with the idea we’d put indulgence and relaxation on the front end, and exercise and nature on the back end. We went to Patagonia ready to breathe fresh air and relax in a more low key way. While we did plenty of relaxing, this part of the trip was filled with serendipity, spontaneity and some “Oh shit handle”-ing.
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  • Mendoza

    Off to Mendoza

    It was to our great fortune that the Mendoza airport was closed by the time we were planning our trip. They say it’s for maintenance. It took me many hours to figure out how to coordinate our transportation around our San Juan arrival. (Without Chris’ help, I would have NEVER figured out any bus schedule — Thank you again.)

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  • Buenos Aires

    First stop of the honeymoon?  The most European-feeling city in South America.  The food, the to dos, the shopping, the magic.

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  • andrew-erin-mosko

    The Mosko Guide To Argentina

    Planning A Trip To Argentina

    We are back from our honeymoon, it’s 4:25am and I’m drinking maté out of a macramed gourd as I write. It always feels out of body to come back from travelling a fairly long while. The stress is gone, you remember how good you have it (although it’s a pretty attuned practice to remember) and you are in a position to create your life again. As if the present is what you have.

    Of course, it’s all you have. Always.

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